• Ground Transient Terminator

Vortex Technologies Iso-Line, Ground Transient Terminator has been designed to completely eliminate transients from ground lines.

The Iso-Line Model IL-GTT, Ground Transient Terminator is a new technology that eliminates transients from ground lines. Newly developed inductor core properties used in a proprietary configuration now make it possible to eliminate transients in ground lines from sources like proximity lightning strikes, load switching, high power-driven equipment and VFD’s.

The Model IL-GTT is a passive filter that works by opposing changes in electron flow on the ground wire. The unit is designed to slow the damaging rise and fall time of a transient voltage waveform by controlling frequency, as opposed to the amplitude of a transient. By utilizing this approach, rather than clipping the transient to a safe level, the IL-GTT can eliminate the effects of damage caused by transients in grounding systems.

No matter what other types of surge suppression you may be using, your protection level is not complete without the IL-GTT. In fact, recent research reports that over 90 % of electrical and electronic system malfunction and damage is due to ground transients. The only way to ensure full protection of your critical process control systems is to incorporate a ground transient terminator. Vortex Technologies IL-GTT offers this protection.

Ground Transient Terminator

  • $129.00

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