The Spectra Technologies 2100 Series portable remote sampler offers advantages in remote sampling technology that have never been available. An advanced refrigeration and heating system is incorporated into the design of this all weather unit. This configuration allows the user to use the sampler year around. The Series 2100 can be left in place when ambient air temperature range from -25o F to 122oF. Combined with an optional solar panel power source, the battery can be maintained without the need for removal and charging away from the unit. The compressor- based refrigeration unit provides reliable cooling under a wide range of environmental temperature conditions. When required, the internal heating system works in conjunction with the cooling system to maintain sample temperature as required. A truly flexible unit is microprocessor controlled and fully programable to meet the user’s needs.  

The biggest issue we have had with portable samplers is hauling ice every day or two to remote locations. Weekends were a big problem. The Spectra 2100 is the best solution for this problem. The refrigeration unit keeps our samples at specified temperature, even on the hottest days.
TL, Chief Operator
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Refrigeration: Compressor Based

Heating: Dual zone Peltier type Sample chamber and pump housing, programmable 2 channel controller

Time or Flow Based Sampling


Pump Type: Peristaltic 0.75 GPM (3.4L/min}


Suction Height: 9.85 Ft (3.0M) @ 0.75 GPM (3.4 LPM), 19.68 Ft. @ 0.48 GPM (2.2 LPM)


Sampling Error±2%


Repeat Sampling Accuracy±5ml


Horizontal Suction Head: 164.0 Ft. (50m).


Sampling tube has automatic rinse and purge function


Sampling Bottle: 7500 ml for composite, 12 x 500ml Polyethylene bottles for discrete


System clock time control error 1≤0.1% and 24≤30S


Air tightness of pipeline system: ≤-7.25 psi (-0.05Mpa)


Mean time Between Failure (MTBF): ≥1440h


Insulation resistance: >20MΩ


Discrete or Composite based on model


Program lock can be set protect programs from modification.


Save a maximum 10 programs according to needs.


Automatic data logging of sample cycles. Historical data can be analyzed based on data and sample test results.


Working temperature-25oF (-31.6 to 122oF (+50)


Power120 VAC (with Adaptor) 12/24 VDC, Direct with 12 Battey or optional solar panel. 102 watts.


Size22” (580mm) (L), 12.0” (310mm) (W) x 520mm(H)


Weight: 33 lbs. (15Kg)


       Enclosure: High impact ABS



Download - 2100 Installation and Operations Manual

Download - 2100 Literature PDF

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Spectra 2100 Series All Weather Portable Automatic Water Sampler w/Heater & Refrigeration

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