• IL-380 Point of Protection Surge Suppressor, EMI\RFI Filter and Power Conditioner

The Vortex Technologies IL-380 is a point of protection Surge Suppressor, EMI\RFI filter and power conditioner that has been designed with process control instrumentation and other sensitive micro -processor based equipment in mind.

The IL-380 combines the proven technology found in the Iso-Line TM IL-120-3, 120 VAC surge suppressor, EMI/RFI filter and power conditioner along with the IL-GTT, Ground Transient Terminator and an Iso-Pak TM IP-140, control loop surge suppressor in a convenient NEMA 4x\ IP-65 fiberglass enclosure. The package is designed to be used in the harshest industrial environments while providing the ultimate in 3- line AC and 4-20 ma surge suppression available on the market today. While most products protect the hot and neutral lines of incoming AC power to sensitive devices, the addition of the IL-GTT add protection for the ground termination as well. This feature is exclusive to the IL-380.

Recent studies indicate that over 80% of damage that occurs to sensitive equipment enters devices through the ground termination of the power source. Standard surge suppressors only protect the hot and neutral, leaving the ground termination completely unprotected. The IL-380 provides true 3 line protection.

The Iso-Pak TM IP-140 multi-stage design will protect 4-20 ma outputs from surges and transients that are found in industrial environments, from proximity lightning strikes to load switching transients, the IP-140 will eliminate these harmful occurrences from damaging equipment via signal terminations by providing an unprecedented 20,000 amps of transient protection.

IL-380 Point of Protection Surge Suppressor, EMI\RFI Filter and Power Conditioner

  • $775.00